I have been meaning to write about you since today is 3.14
You’re name was Pie, that’s who I am writing this for.
You rapped with me a lot, wrote poetry,
Known you since you were in school,
And you were always good to me.
And dude, I miss you.

You wrote your poems, with fury, fast, and with edge,
Wrote how I wrote, swear it was like you were in my head.
Miss you man, and instead of talking numbers,
I wish you were here, cause I loved you like a brother.

But now your gone, but the Dirty Lion lives on
In some jungle up in heaven, with people singing songs
With poets, and artists, and people saying peace
Not this tormented, place that so many want to leave.
But dude, you were legit, and always were yourself.

But something happened down the line, that you turned to something else.
But dude, I can’t fault you bro, the world, man it is hard.
We wrote together, smoked together, and shared the same scars.
Since you left, a few years ago.

I have been doing alright. MAnd with days like this, the whole day
Is a memory,
so 3.14 was what I called you, and you went by Dirty Lion
And I guess you live on infinitely, digitally, in print,
Like the infinite,digits, 3.1415 and on forever.
Like the memory of you my friend, never forget you never.

Wrote strong lines, and sick rhymes, and I miss you kid.
I hope you are resting quiet, in the jungle by the sun,
But on 3.14 its not Pie day to me, its about my friend who
I knew since grade school, who is no longer here
To say what’s up to.

I miss you 3.14, today I remember you.
Today I write this, cause you meant a lot to me,
3.14 the infinite, Dirty Lion R.I.P

Dirty Lion, Cory Pie, 3.14 to me.


Jason Wright is the editor and founder of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly.