Forget Me Not Trevor Poster


Forget Me Not


Freedom Tower

you may have choked the child
but this family’s voice
aint never gon drown

strip us of weapons
made for death sentence
still we bear our rights
now thru lethal civil unrest

shocking resistance
tried to disperse us by force
left the scene limp
but the crowd carried the torch

shouts bellowed down war zone roads

residents rallied together
drafting a nouveau liberty chapter

harrassment destroyed these homes
with murderous approach

watch this city be rebuilt
atop firm ground
of people’s choice

unified hope
acted upon at the moment
for a better tomorrow

this is the vision of peaceful measures provoked

poured over solid foundations
painted irate and despicable

shame on inaccurate portrayal
that hour is over
today we move onward

bulldozing four walls of ignorance
clear the way for progressive citizens

let us establish
we’re actually comfortable living in


Photography © Rachel Copans

Photography © Rachel Copans


Secret Genius. The only son of a Haitian born couple who are now legally separated. Known simply as Johnny amongst contemporary fellows, the artist has no orthodox work schedule and after awakening during the day promptly followed by exclaiming gratitude for peace of mind, blessings, and personal well being. Initially, Johnny begins thinking, then strategizes, and goes forth to produce works through any medium beckoning to be used with the creative fuel circulating the veins within his corpse bound by naturally impending deadline.

Rachel Copans is a Burgeoning poet and spoken word artist. The photo above is from the Indict America: Turn Up for Mike Brown! protest in Dudley Square Boston on November 25th as part of Black Lives Matter.