Oddball Magazine is proud to welcome our friends at JP Lime Productions and introduce the hard hitting and well crafted talents of the JP Lime crew. We hope that bringing JP Lime to our readers and fan base will not only enlighten and entertain but also inform on the latest hip hop entertainment news.

Expect JP Lime to share with Oddball readers more track lyrics, as many of their songs tend to be rooted in poetry. Check out the latest poem from Scholar and get in the holiday spirit. Enjoy!


 November nears its end but first when Thursday comes around.
Where pumpkin pie and mac and cheese and turkey by the pound.
Are the order of the day and night, it’s time to stuff our bellies.
But before we eat I’m asking, for some football are you ready?
Yes the NFL is on all day, three games in all to view.
So don’t ask me why I’m jumping up and down on fourth and two.
Yes I know I’m spilling soda and there’s stuffing on the floor.
‘Cause the spread is minus six but the Cowboys are up by four.
I know I’m running to the kitchen far too often for your liking.
All this jumping up and down makes me as a hungry as the Vikings.
When they play against the Bears, or quite possibly Green Bay.
Football on Thanksgiving Day, what more do I need to say?
Madden Player of the Game chews turkey leg after the match.
We’ve been eating turkey all day, so there’s nothing wrong with that.
And I ain’t lyin’ when I say the Detroit Lions always play.
And it’s awesome when the teams wear throwback jerseys for the game.
So forgive me for indulging in this most joyous of Holidays.
A marriage like no other, turkey and football going all the way.
‘Gobble gobble’ for the turkey, ‘ready, set, hut!’ for your squad.
Happy Thanksgiving and Football! Please pass the cranberry sauce.