“Decline 4” © Thomas Riesner


swimming upstream

i talk to a god
who i
don’t believe

i curse him and i
berate him and i
threaten him
and i
taunt him
because there is
just nowhere else
to go with

it’s a rigged game
from the beginning,
this one
isn’t on

antelopes are created
just to be torn apart.

men are driven mad
by sex
and then are killed by
when they finally
manage to
track it

salmon swim upstream,
lemmings plunge into the sea.

and i know that he
isn’t there
or at least
is just not listening,
but i still need the

i think we’re owed
an explanation.


Scott Taylor is 49 years old, and hails from Raleigh, North Carolina. He is a writer and a musician, and an avid world traveler.

Thomas Riesner: “I was born in Leipzig,Germany in 1971 and I still live here today. Already in elementary school I often painted “abstract” instead of the given concrete drawing. I later retained this style or changed it to “abstract figuration ” I painted a lot at home, always without professional guidance. I didn’t have any specific role models. When I start a picture, I only have a certain idea, but often something completely different emerges. I would describe myself as an outsiderart artist.”