“What the Clock Forgets” © Bill Wolak


The Lost Girl

Drifting around the loop
Ceasing where she began
Circle of life coiling her
Losing her hope in the hoop

Running around the curve
Her earrings of hoop
Hair tie wounds her wrist
Only to stuck in a twist

Scars from the wicked
Clear in her sore eyes
She twisted around
To see the Curtain of Life.


Sandy S Kumar is a high school senior year doing their best to survive their exams.

Bill Wolak has just published his eighteenth book of poetry entitled All the Wind’s Unfinished Kisses with Ekstasis Editions. His collages and photographs have appeared recently in the 2020 Seattle Erotic Art Festival, the 2020 Dirty Show in Detroit, the 2019 Rochester Erotic Arts Festival, the 2018 Montreal Erotic Art Festival, and Naked in New Hope 2018.