A tiger in wild is ferocious.
It is as powerful as lion.
It kills even elephant and lion
In occasions when caught by surprise.

My visit to Thailand has proved
It otherwise when I visited a park
And met a tiger quite big
But calm, I could touch it.

I took a photograph with it
When I just rested my hand
On its rear side of back,
The tiger was sitting, head upright.

Buddhist Thailand has domesticated baby tigers
By feeding bottled milk, taking care
Their needs like mother to child.
I experienced, love wins even ferocity.


Sandip Saha is a chemical engineer and doctorate (PhD) in metallurgical engineering by profession. He has retired from service and of 64 years age. His hobby is poetry writing in Bengali and English. He has published two poetry collections one of which, Quest for freedom is available at amazon.com. His poems were published in journals including Taj Mahal, The Society of Classical Poets in New York Oddball magazine, Snapdragon, felan, and Better Than Starbucks Poetry Magazine. He is a life member of The Poetry Society (India). His research work can be seen here.