I can’t think right now.
Wish I could feel ok
But I have something inside me now.
And it won’t just go away.
I think I’m just fine.
I can’t tell.
Wish I could write something down.
Oh well.
Not today.
Can’t write the pain away.
Can’t just sing like I once did.
Chicken bone.
Chicken bone.
Has taken my confidence.
Has taken my last breath.
Has taken my light switch.
Has left me with little less.
Maybe I’m just dreaming, and this is just a song scheme.
I know I am o.k.
There’s still a lot of life inside me.
Just the debris
A little poetry left inside my belly.
Swill. And swallow.
Goodnight. I’ll see you all


Jason Wright is the editor and founder of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly.