The Decay of a God:

Natraj told me to dance
With him as if the
Cycle of Psyches was nothing to
Be afraid of
“Resistance breaks
And crumbles
So, we must embrace.”

This is something transcendental

I have traded emotional release with
Religious experiences
Experiments of something quasi-prophetic;

Here lies the terrified body,

Bones have broken with resistance

He told me to dance with
Hands raised and knees
Buckling with unheard melodies

Something wicked, something strange

I have become an idol, representing
A trance of ancient remedy

Bodies can move better without bones to hold them

I am
I am this divine providence
Preaching in tongues of before and after
The cycles of psyche have become
From destruction to birth
From the womb to my grave

I am a god with many faces

Bowed in Spiritual dances below
And above unseen lines
Symmetrical in the abstract concept
Of Jesuit design

The heretic god of haywire racing thoughts
And polarity not level with

A deity of worship not self-sustained and ever changing representation

I have traded in emotional release for prophetic tendencies

I am a statue



The god of all things inside my head
Dancing, Devoured
In it’s own creations


Artwork © TJ Edson

Artwork © TJ Edson


Muriel Soule is best known for her sticker car and her “uniqueness.” She was half-tempted to write something ridiculous as and then forgot to. She responds well to energy drinks, long drives and the occasional shiny object. She once collaborated with Eisenhower during the Area 51 Crisis in hopes of returning to her home planet when realized; this was a poorly attempted joke and no one should even read this. Especially in Morgan Freeman’s voice.

TJ Edson: “I have the tendency to funnel the chaos and madness of my own mind’s intent into digestible artistic forms. The value of documenting the journey that this entails is becoming more and more important to me. Through this practice, I am able to better understand and grapple with a manic chemistry that drives me to create and to destroy.”