Part One.

Part Two.


And though he had eyes, Art also had heart,
and ventricles that kept his blood moving
His blood pumped fast, and the city grew vast
and boy an appetite, the city had.
So as the city grew larger,
the city grew martyrs
and all believed in one thing,
the one who could get to the eye, then he surely
would be king.

The villages once were barely noticeable
on the back that they had grown on to.
Had grown quite large, and began to interfere with
Art, and his daily life.
So much that the city slowed Art down to a crawl,
till one day Art could no longer move at all.

The city had branched out to legs and to arms,
and it looked like a city with all of its charms
the butcher shop, and the barbor shop
lived with the murderers and the city cops
But one thing kept on
and that was the blood under Art’s skin
and even though the city was crippling him,

the blood pumped quicker and faster,
and soon folks, that city would no longer matter.
And ancients said it was the mad mans laughter,
but as Art could no longer move at all,
the writing on the people of that city’s wall

that the city’s elders had foretold…
That once Art could no longer move
and Art could no longer see
And Art would cease to breathe,

But when Art would cease to bleed.
Then the people would cease to be.

but the blood would keep pumping,
Art, the city and the Elevator Dream,

Does the blood keep flowing or cease to be?
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Jason Wright is the founder and Editor of Oddball Magazine. Man the Storm is his alter ego. His “Jagged Thoughts” column appears weekly.