Photography © Jack Marty


Zuccotti – Seattle
Occupied protest
Anarchy futile
Police victims unrest

Wall Street and Deep State
That Paulson bank bailout
Minority shouts of hate
Then East Precinct rout

Occupy movement
Each ism profound
Attention span spent


MistyRose™ has had poetry is published in 4 hard-cover anthology books at the United States Library of Congress and in academic journals. She is the only accepted ‘Spoken Word Artist’ in the state of Oklahoma on the Poets & Writer’s Director She was the Featured Guest Poet in Houston in 2014. Her poem “Frozen Treasure” won the inaugural Rhyme Contest ROMP 2013 (Rural Oklahoma Museum of Poetry), and her poem “Tulsa Sky” was competitively selected and then displayed in 2018 in a Brooklyn New York art gallery.

Jack Marty takes photos when he feels like it. He thinks long bios get in the way of the work.