On Seeing Maria After Some Time

Maria you are a scarecrow
Of yourself
And your padded behind
Is like the bony hand

Of a thin man or woman.
Your face looks gaunt
As if you stared into an abyss
And forgot to eat for a month.

Your eyes resemble your eyes
As if you’d just witnessed
A horrific accident,
Or life-changing disaster.

To an arbiter of taste
Like yourself
Who is punctilious
In thought and deed,

And refrains from comment
On those not so discerning
Or as reticent
As yourself,

You are not admirable
In your skeletal look
That hints at famine
And starvation.

(In this age of terrorism
And requited hate
Bred historically
Since childhood,

You transcend
The socio-political
In the grace of your hand,
The evenness of your footfall,

The way your locks of hair
Fall across your face like lines
Shadowing the portrait of a
Venus Or some downtown goddess

Whose name I haven’t uttered
In quite some time,
Nor intend to now
As she remains a secret

Locked in my heart,
Hidden in my breast,
Voided of personal interest
But the celebratory),

Yet despite
This long digression
I admire and want to be
With you.


Michael La Bombarda is a poet and fiction writer. My first full-length book is called Steady Hands and my second is callled A Lover’s Complaint. I am published by Chez Michel Press. I am retired and live in New York City.

Gunjan Bhardwaj is a 22 year old computer engineering from india who enjoys painting and sketching.