Magdalen Undone

Sunset darkens in a lapsed conclusion light diffuses pursues each angle stretch of aura impact of words ardor work ethos couched in indifference shapes of our lives formed by smears riddles as questions I reach in my pocket a worn picture antlers of dead stags locked in struggle I seize on this image of innocent victims this you warned me: I can promise nothing but ripples in the air whispers in the leaves I said:Winged Victory you said:Athena Nike a headless goddess armed with a sword we did not smile


Michael Igoe: Chicago native longtime Boston resident, social activist, member of the Democratic National Committee. Counselor to ex offenders and emotionally disturbed adolescents. Lived in Seattle NYC and elsewhere.Writing since 15, published in numerous magazines and journals.

Judson Evans is a full-time Instructor in the Liberal Arts department at The Boston Conservatory at Berklee where he has taught a range of courses, from a Poetry Workshop on haiku, prose poetry and haibun, to a course on theories of cave art and the role of the cave in ritual and philosophy. In 2007 he was chosen by John Yau as an Emerging Poet for The Academy of American Poets. He was one of the founding members of Off the Park Press, and published work in each of its three anthologies responding to provocative contemporary painters. His most recent work has been published in (print journals) Laurel Review, Folio, Volt; 1913: a journal of forms; and Green Mountains Review, and (online journals) White Whale Review and Amethyst Arsenic. He won The Phillip Booth Poetry Award from Salt Hill Review in 2013. He has collaborated with composers, such Mohammed Fairouz, Mart Epstein, and Rudolf Rojhan, who set several of his poems to music, as well as with choreographers, dancers, musicians and other poets, including Gale Batchelder, and videographers Nate Tucker and Ray Klimek.