Kearney Square (Fragment)
For Boston

It’s not that love is showing its gold
like the honey locust leaves in mid-August
            and the sun they catch at seven.

This isn’t one of those mornings of late
that staunched the sky like a terrier gray
            sweatshirt after a jog.

The recent construction has made known all
the pipes and bricks and wires that enweb
            the whole neighborhood.

The Sunscraper, too, was showing the mortar
it keeps beneath the august façade
            of creamy deco.

Market Street doesn’t usually grant me
this much inspiration, even in the morning,
            so I’ll take what I can get.


Photography © Allison Goldin

Photography © Allison Goldin


Matt Stefon teaches English and Humanities at Middlesex Community College and Comparative Religion online at Norwich University. He is the religion editor for Encyclopaedia Britannica. He lives and writes in Lowell.

Allison Goldin is an artist living in California. Her work is a collection of spontaneous drawings from the imagination. The most common link throughout her art are the semi-recognizable creatures scattered amongst and bringing together the surrounding doodles.