Photography © Karen A. Szklany


“What a belief can do to us”

Sea of people, mountain of crowd
How come we do not cross path?
A breath of your aura
A glimpse of your softness
How much a breeze can carry your touch?
We in the same town, standing on the different ground
Far apart, dare you hate me now?

River of reveries, cloud of memories
How much longer till I fade in you?
A stain in your aura
I sense no more softness in you.
How come such a ‘you’ changed into?
We on the different ground, seem no turn around
Near and yet, mentally on battleground.

Sea of people, mountain of crowd
Wish we never crossed path before the very start.
River of reveries, cloud of memories
Hope my memory of you to not last.
We with no turn around, getting ourselves impounded
Differ beliefs are soundly grounded.


Lady Z is a mere wondering around poets who search out her place to express. Part of her is an indie filmmaker with a different name.

Karen A. Szklany was born in New York and now lives in a New England co-housing community. She is the author of several collections of poetry, gardening books and Unitarian Universalist sermons. Karen also serves as a Life Healing and Transformation Coach on the labyrinth path.