As I Walked

The sun was humming through the clouds
just enough that
this particular morning
felt brighter but still gray
and the snow was in piles
touched with dirty footprints
the people looked miserable
and rightly so
clumps of ice and dirty snow
fell around me
as I walked
all was calm yet
and steam was rolling off the rooftops
the coffee was settling in
tomorrow would come
without fanfare
without punctuation
but it would come,
none the less
and I would greet it
as any other day
with as much enthusiasm
as it did me


Ken Tomaro is an artist and writer living in Cleveland, Ohio. His work has been published in The Light Ekphrastic, Tipton Poetry Journal and Sincerely Magazine. He has published two collections of poetry and most of his work is the result of living with depression.

Glenn Bowie is a published poet, lyricist and photographer from the Boston area. He also owns and operates an elevator company that supplies custom-built elevators for clients from New England to Hollywood. Author of two poetry and photograph collections (Under the Weight of Whispers and Into the Thorns and Honey) on Big Table Publishing, he donates all profits from his books to various charities for the homeless and local animal shelters. Glenn is also the official photographer for the Newton Writing and Publishing Center.