Look and Listen

When you eat a cloud,
a thunderstorm expands within.

I overheard whispers
the sunray flock of my last sunburn
hated burning my white canvas.

Tomorrow I’m going to plant a seed
in my ears to hear
the trees talking
in a forest street market.

A father cloud
raised his daughter rain
before releasing her drop
into a gray swell.

When a lightning storm arrives,
he pushes the blue sky into the basement.

Last month’s blood moon
checked herself into the hospital,
displaying domestic abuse.

As the moon waxed, I dreamed
I slept within the rings of a redwood,
my body basking
in the memory of a wet season.

Charon just put in
his divorce papers from the Sun
by claiming there isn’t
enough photon love to go around.


Keith Mark Gaboury earned a M.F.A. in creative writing from Emerson College. His poems have appeared in such publications as Poetry Quarterly, New Millennium Writings, and Eclectica. Keith is a Pushcart-nominated poet, preschool teacher, and avid runner in Oakland, California.

Jury S. Judge is an internationally published artist, photographer, writer, poet, and political cartoonist. Her “Astronomy Comedy” cartoons are also published in Lowell Observatory’s quarterly publication, The Lowell Observer. She has been interviewed on the television news program, “NAZ Today” for her work as a political cartoonist. Her artwork has been widely featured in literary magazines such as Dodging The Rain, The Tishman Review, Open Minds Quarterly, Blue Moon Review, and The Ignatian Literary Journal. She graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BFA from the University of Houston-Clear Lake in 2014.