Artwork © Rayn Roberts


Becoming a Ghost

Not everyone’s born to be
a person. That’s a common
mistake. Yes, your poor mother…
Her giving, sloppy womb birthed
you from nothingness to—Now
what? No, rotting flesh isn’t
a temple. Look around you.
We’re between the atoms here.
From these unseen, holy cracks
God preaches without a word.
The truth is never spoken.
It’s a container you fill
with your wilting white lilies;
empty all the petals out.


Joshua Eric Williams is a disabled veteran from Carrollton, Georgia. “Much of my work focuses on poverty and the supernatural. Growing up without water and electricity for extended periods of time left its mark on my ideas about art, society, and God.”

Rayn Roberts lives in Oregon where he writes poetry & creates digital art .