My Brother–Nelson Mandela, Umtata, South Africa–Tribute Poem!

          “I have cherished the ideal of a democratic and free society in which all persons live together in
          harmony and with equal opportunities. It is an ideal which I hope to live for and to achieve. But if
          need be, it is an ideal for which I am prepared to die.”
              —Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela, crossed my spirited mind today, a visionary legend of peace, love,
equality, and unity, a man of honor for all people, one of great moral fiber.

As a prevailer of great affliction, he was like a Greek God fighting for the—”Common
man!” Displaying indomitable courage and lion-hearted temperament.

I had to sit and diligently read how he unlocked the chains off locked doors and chambers
of darkness, containing humans as caged birds, without wings or a song.

Displaying the personification of highest aspiration, he showed such self-sacrifice for his
people, hailing him as —”Their savior!”

He was an effective legal scholar and awesome advocate working for true justice, without
written legal briefs, motions, or pleadings, just verbal arguments!

He vehemently fought against apartheid as a true freedom fighter and soldier on the
frontier, leading the charge with stamina, fortitude, faith, and courage.

Courageously, he carried the embers of light into dark chambers, where lions roam and
feast on honest humankind like beasts.

He displayed an uplifting attitude of non-breakable fortitude, revered for having
persevered as the, —”Liberating Son of Soil!”

While imprisoned in South Africa: Here in America many libertarians and people of
goodwill worked diligently— “So feverously fighting for freedom on his behalf!”

Organizing, planning, boycotting, striking, singing, uplifting his name, and praying for
the glorious day for all to see his:

Release, from traumatizing and rusting shackles of oppression. Such a revolutionary icon
of democracy and social justice for all.

He made the, “Flowers of peace bloomed,” without allowing solitude to capture his
relentless soul of fortitude. It didn’t break his—”Great Magnitude!”

Elected president, of South Africa—”The Greatest Icon!” He spoke from the heart,
instilling: liberty, equality, justice, fraternity, and universal brotherhood.

While hailed as the awesome “Bafana,” he steered his nation toward freedom and liberty
as their, — “Great Stalwart!”

Rightly fighting and dismantling years of entrenched apartheid, racial prejudice, bigotry
injustice, and isolationist segregation.

Characterized as, “Father of the Nation,” with God given faith, he stimulated and
renewed great hopes of redemption for his downtrodden people.

Fostering racial reconciliation and guided by God’s wondrous mercy and grace, he served
as an essence to aspire to….

Rising as a positive “Catalyst for Change,” he enhanced: freedom, equality, justice, and
inclusion—“Fought for and liberated his nation!”

Like Pope John Paul II, he showed, “The mentality of retaliation destroys, while the
mentality of tolerance builds nations with— “Selfless duty to God.”

He cherished the most awards, degrees, accolades, and recognitions from universities and
countries around the world than anyone I have known.

Aptly honored, with the 1993 World Prize for Peace, over 250 awards, honors, and many
more citations of elevation—”Such an enormous icon!”

Renowned for walking the walk and talking the talk, with dignity, he was —so
mesmerizing and sacrificing. “A leader like no other!”

Charismatically dignified, he displayed elder’s wisdom, with long lived patience and
endurance…Returning to thank America for its courageous actions.

Like a thunderous bolt from the heart and arms of Zeus, he reached very far and wide,
penetrating the deepest depths and widest width!

Thus, rattling and upsetting the tectonic plates of the bastions of institutional racism,
while uplifting liberty and equal justice for all people.

Creating a devastating upheaval in their midst, highlighting freedom for those illegally
confined in dark dungeons and chambers of degradational abyss.

He was like a dolphin, swimming among deadly moving sharks, with bodily
dismembering teeth, fighting for others to obtain, freedom, liberty and equality.

He was like a salmon, swimming upstream to precious breading grounds, while eagles,
and big black bears waited with razor’s edge cutting sharp claws.

He was like rays of the golden sun at dawn, illuminating darkness, providing light to the
world and opening eyes so other would see the true light.

He was like the shining stars at night, twinkling great majestic beauty, and immutably
shining light so people in their hearts and minds would always shine!

As I read along, images of a great hero timely appeared, uplifting my mind, body, and
soul with much joy and positive vibration.

As one, who have impacted the world with lightening inspiration! Illuminating the good
life, he has shown through his actions—”A foundation of goodness!”

As I stood up, he firmly took my right hand, looked me in the eyes, gave me a big hug, a
pat on the back, and said, — “My Brother!”

As I sincerely know—his legacy will be here to stay, every day, in a very special way,
night or day, while others pray!

As my mother taught me, being God like: “Death of the body releases the inevitable ethos
of the true and everlasting spirit!”

          If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his
          language, that goes to his heart.”
              —Nelson Mandela.


Joseph S. Spence, Sr. is the author of seven poetry books. His writings have appeared nationally and internationally in many forums such as: Journal, anthologies, magazines, newspapers, and the U. S. Army. He has taught at Bryant and Stratton University. He is retired from the U.S. Army as an officer. He is a Goodwill Ambassador, and has received many poetry awards including the following: Noble Star for Literature Award 2018, (India), Poetry Bard Award, 2010 (UK). Poetry Ambassador Medal, 2007 (USA), Independent Poet Laureate, 2007 (USA), Various Editor’s Choice Awards (USA), and Who’s Who in Poetry, 2005 (USA). He has served at the Poet-in-Residence, for the St. Andrew’s Scottish Society, Wisconsin. He embraces is paternal Scottish ancestry and is a member of the Scottish poetry bard, Robert Burns Club, Wisconsin, US

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