How can you not like this book? It’s a small book, only about 100 pages, packed with simple leadership advice. It’s one thing to think, it’s another to focus your thinking. With fairly straight-forward language, peppered with quotes from famous thinkers, inventors, writers, and rocket scientists, this is a must read. A must read only because you don’t have to devote Iliad time to it. You get in, you get out. It makes your mind mold, or at least it did for me. Maxwell delves into how creativity not only creates value, but also unselfish thinking, realistic, strategic, collaborative and reflective thinking among others. It  creates a strong foundation for success. There is a reason why John C. Maxwell has been a prominent voice in the motivation and business sector. He gets it.

This book doesn’t bog you down, it fits nicely in your hand, and for me, was fairly a simple read. Sure, there are no car explosions and there are no plot twists. Maxwell delivers straight forward advice and has proved that he knows a thing or two about how to succeed. I will definitely check out his books knowing that these resources are compact enough, straightforward enough, and widely available.

I mean he is not going to blow your mind like Freakonomics or Malcolm Gladwell. He doesn’t Seth Godin you. It is rather simple advice that if followed or at least attempted will make you a better human being, business person, and all in all improve your quality of life.

Jason’s Take Away: Give this book a whirl, why not? It’s John C. Friggin’ Maxwell.


Jason Wright is the editor and founder of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly. His new book is Train of Thought.