The trouble that comes

I won’t be the one
that starts it.
I won’t be the one
that finishes it.
But I’ll be there,
I am sure of that,
to see some violence
and some destruction.
I won’t say
who I’ll root for,
or what I’ll do
when one side
or another
takes me out
for my turn
against the wall.


Joseph Farley’s chapbooks and books include Suckers, For the birds, Longing for the Mother Tongue, Her Eyes, and a novel, Labor Day. His work has appeared recently in Ygdrasil, Mad Swirl, Wilderness House, Offcourse, Horror Sleaze Trash Lummox, US 1 Worksheets and other places. he edited Axe Factory for 23 years.

Ryn Holmes originated from the bottom and top of California before residing along the Gulf Coast of Florida. She is a partner in K & K Writing Services and a co-editor of Panoply ezine. Over the years, her award-winning written and photographic works have appeared in online and print journals.