Inspired by Three is Company? by Karen Paige Dash

That’s me, walking down the street.
Emcee with OCD.
Other people they walk next to me.
But I don’t think they can see.
My reality. The music frees me.
I see buildings, and doorways.
I walk past the sideshows and cafes.
I see people, but they don’t see me.
The beautiful side of me.
All they see is the all-too-apparent-ugly.
This world can be cold.
But the music is in my soul.
So when I throw on my headphones,
I get into my zone.
The simple thing about all this.
Is that we aren’t really that different.
We are on the same road,
You behind me, why not walk with me?
I see the buildings and I think, let’s build.
I see the skyscrapers where I live,
And think this life,
Is filled…with beauty.

Like Chuck Shoes on the train, I don’t know your name.
Or beauty with the black glasses, with the wired frames
Reading Kafka, or Bukowski, I want you to know me.
While I walk down the street. With my backpack full of books.
But you, you don’t see me.

We walk. Stop at the crosswalk. Look down at the ground.
You check your phone. I check mine.
The song in my head keeps me going.
You seem busy. I guess I’m fine.
The crosswalk light shines.
You go your way. I go my mine.


Jason Wright is the editor and founder of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly. His new book is Train of Thought.