Poem by Jessica Lainez


Banner design © TJ Edson
Banner design © TJ Edson


The End of the Night

I woke up this morning in a strange room.
The door was barricaded with a piece of a broom.
I remembered I put it there to lock myself in.
I stood up in a hurry and knocked over a tin.
A sticky messy substance started to spill out;
That it was bodily fluids I had no doubt.
The smell in the room was of rotting meat.
I had to be careful where I placed my feet.
I couldn’t see well because it was too dark,
But I could see on the wall that there was a weird mark.
I felt along the wall trying to find a light.
I had to find a way to escape my plight.
As I felt along the wall – I came upon a switch,
I flipped it, the floor opened, and I fell in a ditch.
Although this room had some light – I think it was worse;
In a pile of dead bodies I was immersed.
I couldn’t help it – I started to cry,
But I found my resolve and to escape I would try.
I started climbing towards the top,
Hoping and praying that the terror would stop.
As I peered over the edge I saw that I was alone.
I climbed out and almost knocked over a neat stack of bones.
I tiptoed to the exit and opened the door.
As I stepped through I saw blood on the floor.
The walls were stained and thoroughly splattered;
There was broken glass and the furniture was scattered.
I moved slowly through the room hoping not to be heard.
I was sure I was dreaming because this seemed absurd,
But I couldn’t pretend that I wasn’t scared;
For all this gruesomeness I wasn’t prepared.
I tried another door but it was thoroughly locked.
The entrance to the kitchen was also blocked.
The only route that I was able to take,
Was a rotted staircase that looked like it’d break.
I stepped onto it trying to be cautious.
The stench in the house was making me nauseous.
I went up slowly wondering where I was headed;
Hoping I wouldn’t see something else that I dreaded.
When I got to the hall I heard a man’s voice.
It kept repeating “It must be your choice”.
I know that the smart thing to do was to run,
But it seemed like each of my feet weighed a ton.
The voice was coming from the end of the hall,
I walked towards it slowly while I held on to the wall.
I felt that if I let go I might trip and fall,
But I couldn’t stop myself from moving towards the call.
As I got closer my heart was beating in my chest,
But I felt like my nerves were being suppressed.
I couldn’t believe what I was actually doing;
I didn’t even know what I was pursuing.
It seemed my death was imminent if I didn’t try to escape.
Then suddenly a man stood before me and he was wearing a cape.
I couldn’t believe my eyes because he seemed so appealing;
I couldn’t believe what my body was feeling.
He looked into my eyes and caressed my face.
I felt like in an instant I was in a daze.
He took my hand and led me further down the corridor.
I no longer cared about the blood-stained floor.
I felt calm while he guided me to another dark room.
The only thing lighting it was the glow of the moon.
He sat me down on what was left of the bed;
The covers were satin and of course they were red.
He kneeled before me and looked into my eyes.
I felt instantly like I knew him to my surprise.
He called me by my name and once again he repeated;
The words I heard in the hall when I should have retreated.
He said in my ear “It must be your choice”.
My mind was spinning with the sweetness of his voice.
He placed his hands on my shoulders pulling me gently,
All the while looking into my eyes ever so intently.
I then said the words that would change me forever,
“I feel if you leave me my heart it will sever”.
He asked me if I’d join him and be by his side,
And if I promised to be his eternal bride.
I answered methodically and I foolishly agreed;
I said that to all of his wishes I would concede.
He leaned towards me and whispered in my ear,
“Don’t worry my darling – let go of your fear”.
He nuzzled my neck briefly before his fangs sank in;
I felt the beating of my heart starting to thin.
Then the room went dark when my life expired;
It had been my choice and I had been sired.
The night had ended and my life had been taken,
And my soul would surely now be forsaken.


Jessica Lainez: “I have been writing poetry for most of my life. I love words in general and I love expressing feelings by using them. I work in the insurance industry, but writing is my true passion.”



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