Banner design © TJ Edson

Banner design © TJ Edson


Happy Halloween

An Eve before all Saints day in which people paid for prayer for their departed relative’s
prayer for relatives the next day
put on masks the Celtics did that day to be unknown for a day

you wear orange for a remembrance of harvest and all
Holly or hallow Eve for ghouls or souls or ghosts that represented black fall.
A prayer for the dead, a color for death, a day that let those in the grave out and all
lived life within laughter of hoaxes for prayers or not to be duped at all.

Loved ones in black or masks treating so the dead do not know who passes that night
open the door trick or treat that night
weekday to remember the recordance of those passed into that light
eternity be known in the nightlight

everyone trying to make light
needs to be reminded of eternity of prayer’s night.


Clinton Siegle is a poet who is disabled and watches his kids grow up along with taking care of a puppy. He is a member of PMI and Phi Sigma Kappa. He has been honorably mentioned in Poetry Matters 2014. He has been published in Oddball Magazine and μ (Mu mu) Magazine.