Artwork © David House


Left a Hole

When I commemorated the anniversary
of Kurt Cobain’s suicide
with a Facebook post

Sean commented
Ben & Jerry’s gave out
free ice cream cones
on Jerry Garcia’s Death-a-versary

jumpstarting a conversation
about the commodification
of dead celebrities
with a story ending
with no one in line
knowing any Dead songs.

I’m wondering if that means
Purdue Pharma
will be giving out
free opiates in Seattle?

Which brand will commemorate
the junk sick street kid
who died before he could
write his first song?

Will that brand hire
a field team of ambassadors
to hand out free samples.

Will doctors be promising
to over-prescribe their first 50 patients?

Will record labels sponsor
a clean needle program?

Will there be a radio station give-a-way?

For free therapy appointments?

Will the doctors
say their lying?

And then charge them anyway.
Only the first one was free.

Who came first
the rock star or the street kid?
The shotgun or the needle?

On the road home
from Aberdeen

All Our Arms
Taste Like Scars.


Host of The Garage Poets Open Mic, and master of the Dad Joke, Jeff Taylor lives in Massachusetts, with his wife and 3 kids.

David House is a MassArt student born and raised in Boston. His interests lie in between painting and sculpture. He is open for commissions of any time, like most other collegiate artists!