Lady G

Lady G trended on the Internet today.
Not GaGa. Lindsey Graham is Lady G!
The rumor is that asshole is gay.

An escort claims that Lady G will pay
for sex if there is a NDA. Did you see?
Lady G trended on the Internet today.

I want all of his secrets on display.
Please dish! Who will spill the tea
to prove that asshole is gay?

If you have info, please, enter the fray
to expose him. My people are key
to Lady G trending on the Internet today.

He’s part of a homophobic GOP cabaret
selling hate for votes. He’s a disease,
even though it’s rumored that asshole is gay.

With his history, Graham deserves to pay.
We don’t have room for an apology.
Lady G trended on the Internet today.
Let it come out that this asshole is gay.

Dustin Brookshire is a Dolly Parton fanatic, poet, and curator of the Wild & Precious Life Series. He’s so gay that he has a Dolly Parton prayer candle in his living room.