Self Portrait

You see in my tired face
a vision of an old man
beaten by the time.

Nothing of youthful abandon
from days when control
could not contain my will.

Nothing of liquid thoughts
in clouds of smoke
leading to stocking tops

and jealous men.
The flounce and lace,
the lamplight ballet

Comfort sought at too
high a price; sweet folly
in rayon sucking on

my dignity, leaving scars
both evident and concealed.
Flavours and textures

forever captured in memories
you do not own. Feverish
wantonness and heartache

unimaginable, though
smugly you judge. My youth
removed by disdainful

ignorance; craggy image
scowling through gloom.
removed from the gallery,

The wayward lad remains
to those choosing to look
further than time has changed.

The once moist sheen cracked
and dry as dust settles
on my careless self-portrait.


“Self-Portrait” © TJ Edson


David Ratcliffe was born in the North of England, though living on the South Coast these days having settled there after spending 6 years in the Royal Navy. 
He writes poetry, short stories, song lyrics, and plays. Two of his songs have been recorded by Leeds Band Backyard Burners. David has two books that can be found on Lulu and  also at Poem Hunter, Sixteen Magazine, and TRR-Poetry. He also has a cool youtube video of his poem The Playground narrated by the poet himself.

TJ Edson is the Art Director of Oddball Magazine and a volunteer at the Out of The Blue Art Gallery. He has also had work appear recently in Terrarium.