Yup oddball
Thinking out loud
My mind drops sound
Like a mouse drops string
And I’m in it and out of it and I’m around it and I’m above it
And I surround it
And it blankets me
I fly over it
Drop by
Say hello to it
It is wonderful
And it rains
And it shines
And it snows
And it’s the amoeba
And it’s the plains
And it’s the sink
And it’s the infinite
And it’s radical
And it’s supported
And it is local
And it is beneath
And it is medicine and
It is music
And it is a heart
And it is the words
It’s the isms
It’s the prisms
And it’s the prisons
And it’s the Pepsi
And it’s the fig
And it is the nothing
And it is the sandbox
And it is the flowers
And the cough drops
It is the beat box
And it’s the detox
It’s the settlement
And it’s the cannon
It is all and it is everything
And I hold it in my hand.


Jason Wright is the founder and Editor of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly.