Grandma’s Poem

Her memory moves seamlessly Through the annals of Time,
Like lily pads in her mind
Her history and mine
One moment she’s ten
The next moment I’m nine
My mother’s first date
Her brother’s truant times
The fluent, fluid movement
Across a timeless sea
Five wars or more,
A book-binding store,
The birth of her great-granddaughter,
My niece.
Foster care,
Oliver Coffin,
Our trip together to D.C.
The EnchantedForest set out before us
Full of myth and mystery.
The bruises and the breaks,
The casualties of character
Clashes with her past
And all she wants is peace
The complicated fable of my Family Tree.
Fifty years the distance
It flows from her to me
And flowing in that stream
A sense of courage
Her Journey
My Dreams.
The perspective of wisdom,
And the yearning still
A yearning for Peace,
However it is that feels
Freedom from worry
And hurry
And the weight of our bills
The desire to live in the Love that we build.
There is Grace and there is Truth
In my Grandma’s beautiful smile
And as she dozes off awhile
I hope she awakes with a sense of Peace
I hope the brightness that alights her past
Shines equal on her dreams
And as I look out and over Healey Field
Night and history envelop me.




Christopher Everson is co-owner and creative director of JP Lime Productions. His writing and rap style can be found in abundance at