In the dark, we are all cast
ghosts and villains.
Sad or plastic.

We are all donations
to this world.

We are all just silence.
We are all just stains.

just another jagged thought by jason

I scribble these words into
my notebook.
Lost in a lecture.
The blue ink on my skin
matches the blue ink
on my desk.
I have started to draw threes everywhere.
I don’t know why yet.
My back sinks against
the cold metal chair,
feet fidget against
the checkered floor.

I sit silent.
Watch as Ms. Modine scratches out
I miss most of it. I just don’t understand it.
Bill Dempsey. He’s a dick and is zoning out next to me.
I hate him so much.
I was never meant to
be like this.
I get lost back in my words
as the x’s and y’s fly by my head.

I try but I don’t get it. Maybe I am not trying hard enough.
Stop writing. Pay attention.
If only there was something that could get me to pay attention.
I don’t realize it then but that
very moment will define my life.

My dad says he wants me to see a doctor.
I think yes, a pill will make me better.


Jason Wright is the founder and Editor of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly.