“Lament 2” © Edward Michael Supranowicz


Haze, a Disagreement

Picks up the purple glass, takes a sip,
then sets it down again, then looks at it.

It wasn’t purple. It was a clear glass

but tinted from the light that shined through
the evening windows. And even then,

it wasn’t purple, not even a hope

for purple as much as it may have had
a violent dream.
Not sure what it was,

but it was a glass full of water. Oh,

not full, either. And only a glass
as long as its molecules hung together,

content with their investigations, and

their principles, I suppose, the errant charge
to contain the flood heedless of any hue,

of any cry, (I knew that was coming)

unperturbed by any styrofoam incursion,
or your wan antipathy to the

motley antics of the sun.


Recent work by Bruce Robinson has been nomin…well, it bores his cat, so…

Edward Michael Supranowicz is the grandson of Irish and Russian/Ukrainian immigrants. He grew up on a small farm in Appalachia. He has a grad background in painting and printmaking. Some of his artwork has recently or will soon appear in Fish Food, Streetlight, Another Chicago Magazine, The Door Is A Jar, The Phoenix, and The Harvard Advocate. Edward is also a published poet who has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize multiple times.