Poem by Brenton Booth


Losing Her

I am leaving next week
she said
and the mice danced on
the cereal box
the cars stood still like
mimes on street corners
with hats full of small
the bars were nearly
empty with only
broken alcoholics singing
melancholy songs
the children ignored their
teachers dreaming of
the athletes trained
the hot dogs boiled
the yachts circled the
the real estate agents lied
the hookers took money
the workers sweated on
building sites
the stones rolled
the cans emptied
the shoes walked
the pensioners lamented
their youth
the steaks burned
the teenagers screwed
the sun hung perfectly
in the sky
there was so much
happening all around
though all I could see
was my tears.


Photography © Cindy Williams
Photography © Cindy Williams


Brenton Booth lives in Sydney, Australia. Poetry and fiction of his has appeared in a variety of publications including Tree Killer Ink, Chiron Review, Nerve Cowboy, 3:AM Magazine, Modern Drunkard, Dogzplot, and Out Of Our.

Cindy K. Williams: is a 1985 graduate of the Art Institute of Houston who now resides in Cambridge, Massachusetts. “This is my all time favorite thing to do, hitting the streets with my camera.”



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