Lisa Del Giocondo

In a quiet room fighting my depression
Popped a pill to heal all the stressin’
It didn’t work
I thought ABILIFY had the ability to minimize all of the pain mentally
I think I overdose
Then I woke up in Martin Luther’s night mare
Became a slave to nice pair of Nike Airs and tight gear
To impress girls like her right there
Engage in intercourse
She had a gage in her right ear
Fell in love then tripped in lust
With the simplest touch
The rush got me in disgust
An imbalance in my thought pattern
Leveling the playing field
Paranoid as hell so I’m staying still
I used to love her but now I just know her
Had an arch on her back like Noah
I’m feigning
Garden of Eden eating forbidden fruit
The hidden truth
You took a bite
What’s gotten into you?


Kevon Cayo is a writer born in Cambridge, MA. Formally from the Boston based group Stoop Kidz Society, he was featured in Mac Miller’s music video for his song titled “Donald Trump”. He is currently working on a project titled MCMXCI.