Threat Assessment

Filthy anger drowns a pure persona
Rage drenched palms mold into ragged fists
Unfiltered words endorse revenge
Nervously twitching he becomes unhinged
Imaginary voices cranium tease
These flawless imperfections were never detected
Beware of progressive aggression marching to ides
Genocide, Suicide, Homicide

Inertia sets forth this unbalanced force
Rocking in a chair
He stares…eyes distant
Reminiscent of a serial psycho in mourning
He is Breaking fast
This isn’t a normal fate similar to Norman Bates
He laughs
Envisioning a morbid mental portrait
Human corpses pain and hurt
Rouge hues spew and spurt
A tainted view of burgundy
Painting pictures of mahogany melancholy

He lives at 2012 Harm’s Way, apartment A
A dead end!
A road blocked!
Gridlocked by oncoming trafficking tragedies
Neighbors bare witness
The Naked Truth is…
Here! God doesn’t grant dying wishes
Prayers are rhetorical…
There is an absence of hope
The historical approach has always been ropes!
This is a city of dope
Contaminated lots
Fiddle with the bullet riddles
Connect the shots
Cross fires burn blazing past the stoops
Beggars plead for mercy… Please, Don’t Shoot!
Repeat offenders apprehended
The 14th amendment suspended
Dudes are processed!
Publicly defended and sentenced to THIS life!

As Ebony Knights fall
Shadow dwellers fade into the blackness
Magically suspicious they practice stealth tactics
Scorned people who were baited and switched
Blind Pantomimes
Who don’t snitch!
See! Hear! Speak! No evil Face-to-Face
Children with sidewalk chalk trace
Limp bodies of the slain
Tippy toeing…
They tag names on walls
Leaving makeshift memorials where the dead but never forgotten fall
Teddy bears, baby pictures, candles, stained variations of red
Sirens mock the dead!

L.E.D by flashing lights
Blue & Whites cruise through Black & bruised used hoods
Strong arming residents, stealing legacies, collecting evidence
Defective detectives police the area
Short tempers flare
Be aware…but…Please, don’t stare!

Misguided anger is amazing!
Bred inside the confines of the MAN’S Labyrinth
Internal compass broken, moral danger looms

Envision a morbid mental portrait of
Human corpses pain and hurt
Rouge hues spew and spurt
A tainted view of burgundy
Painting pictures of mahogany melancholy


Artwork © Adahn Westart

Artwork © Westart


Arthur Ray Collins is A Boston poet who believes that there is extraordinary power in words and considers his poetry to be socially conscious as well as entertaining. He hopes that his brand of poetry will motivate action, provoke thought, and stimulate the mind of the listener. Art is Co-host of the Lizard Lounge Poetry Slam venue and was a member of the 2008 & 2010 Lizard Lounge National Poetry Slam Team. He is and educator in the Boston Public School system and continues to perform his unique style of poetry with the aspirations of reaching a global audience.

Westart are two twin collaborators named Adahn and Ian Stewart based in Boston MA. Their work tackles supernatural themes as well as concepts from events in their own lives. They consider themselves mixed media artists but typically use acrylics..”