“Refresh” © Dr. Regina Valluzzi


Quarantine Easter

We’re dying to leave our houses
The world outside is too dangerous
Full of potential
And people who breath
It’s breath the virus rides
Moisture that it clings to
Oases that are evil
Humid like a cough

In a dystopia
They shoot you
For leaving your tomb
But viruses will not ascend to heaven
They will be here with us,
In body, forever

How long does a pandemic last
If you play dead?
And how can you help those in need?
Stay away, stay away
He is risen indeed.


Andrew O’Brien is a teacher learning to juggle with spheres and hoping it will help with his busy life. English language arts, martial arts, and a very demanding cat keep Andrew busy, but his aspirations to be published have remained constant since high school classes with that one amazing teacher who inspired him. Andrew lives near Boston, Massachusetts with his very smart wife and evil feline.

Art can illuminate even the most elusive and difficult to comprehend ideas. Visual rules and tightly codified visual metaphors help scientists communicate complex ideas mostly amongst themselves, but they can also become barriers to new ideas and insights. Dr. Regina Valluzzi’s images are abstracted and diverged from the typical rules and symbols of scientific illustration and visualization; they provide an accessible window into the world of science for both scientists and non-scientists.