Yelling, Outside, Raking

People didn’t know
where to stand
in a situation
where running was
supposed to be
a good thing.
There is
something about
backpacks, bombs,
and Boston.
A lady
was yelling about it
next door.
I was outside
when I heard
the news.


Emily Pineau is a junior at Endicott College majoring in English with a concentration in creative writing. Pineau’s poetry has appeared in the anthology, Like One: Poems For Boston, and in newspapers and literary journals such as the Somerville News, The Endicott Observer, The Endicott Review, Ibbetson Street Press, Muddy River Poetry Review, and Notes from the Gean: Monthly Haiku Journal. In 2013 her poetry book, No Need to Speak, was published by Ibbetson Street Press. Pineau also appeared on New Mexico’s National Public Radio in 2013 and has been the featured poet at Lynn’s Walnut Street Café, Manchester-by-the-Sea Public Library, and Gloucester Writers Center.