Waiting for the breeze
To take me away
From these city streets
Listening to Emcees
And Dreaming of beaches
Feeling free as I walk
My mind is on weekend mode
Start the vehicle
Listening to the rose that grew from concrete
My little cheat sheet of emcees
I’d like to be
The three on my neck
Used to mean something to me
I don’t want it to be anything more then it is
They say today is a gift
That’s why we call it the present
I don’t want to regift it
I want to learn to live it
I want to free my mind
From the tweaker scene
I want to be better
But can I be better then me?

This free prose is indefinite
I got the freedom
To write how I see it
They say you can’t spell poverty without poet
But that’s who I am
I’m a writer and in this life
Know one thing
That I need to learn
If you don’t pick yourself up
From the ground you are on
You’ll never get strong
And get constantly walked on
Sometimes you gotta realize
You only got one chance
To make your soul dance
Romance yourself
Make it till you realize you are worth
Other then a number
A stat
In an economics book
Sometimes you got to travel a road of shit
Try to keep your kicks clean.