Oh how the t frightens me
Crazy mc writing next to two ladies
Listening to count bass d
Damn goes the auto correct
I might mean nothing at work or on the train
But on the mic I earn respect
I wish I could disappear into thin air reappear with no fear, make my name in the game
And bam disappear.

I’m sick of having issues
My mind synapses snapped and every neuron is a nerd bomb
My cerebellum needs a talking to
All the mess I made for you

My prescription brain
Needs a renewal
A starter pack cause no one knows
How it do
And how it easily comes unglued

Finally slowing down Ghandi
sage Francis lyrics not mine
I couldn’t pen that
My mind don’t work quick like that
My Friday is my day
Wish it was here

Wish I could watch the world melt
Like an ice cube
Wish I wasn’t me
Wish I wasn’t you
Wishes and dreams

Make a poet sleep
I escape into the world so beneath me
The ocean world
Where I could sink down
And forget about all of this

The prescriptions
The medicines
The dead end job
The poetry dream dying

Barely surviving with no cigarettes
And a stomach full of asperatame
Wish I could explain

But noone really cares to hear he mentally ill anyway

Eh I’m used to it
This life is shit
To a manic
Unless he’s manic.

Then he thinks
He owns this fucking planet