L.U.C.C.I one of Boston’s shining lights and hottest poets in the Metro area, spoke with the Oddball Show on the topic of cyber bullying, his project A.W.E and even his role in the movie Ghostbusters (or Ghostbustas Ked, cause it was filled in Boston guy).  Check out this poem, and then hear it live at the Oddball Show, a collaboration of J.P Lime and Oddball Magazine. Have a great day and check out the Oddball Show, you’ll be glad you did ked.




My name is L.U.C.C.I.

Not to be confused with gucci
Or mistaken for hoochie.
I am a man with a duty
That might eventually force someone to sue me.
If anybody can prove me wrong
I beg of you to prove me.
I’ve never been shy to admit I was wrong
Just as long as we don’t argue
Like a radio playing the same song.
My name has five letters.
Each and every letter
Has a purpose I go by.
Even though I wisely know I’m not the wisest
I can honestly say that I try to be wise.
The first letter is L,
Stands for Listen
Because I choose to listen to blues of the smitten
Who’ve been written into non-existence.
I also listen to indifference and the happy.
I don’t care if their story is
Crappy, snappy or even sappy
Or if the nature is a major wager
Full of danger.
U is to Understand.
Whether you’re a woman or a man
I wanna understand the chances of
Circumstances getting better or worse.
Did you get the job letter,
Or were you cursed with a hearse?
Understand doesn’t mean justify
But it can let you know
Why they will or won’t testify.
Letter number three
Happens to be C.
Stands for Care.
I care about anyone and everyone.
Anything and everything.
You’re a snob who’s a con man
Looking down on a slob for a regular job,
Ignorantly full of hating doctor
With every play in the way of debate,
The love of my life
Or the first to pull a knife.
Next letter to come
Another C for Consider.
I have sedational Consideration
For the suffering who continue to buffer
Just to benefit another that could care less
Of a slave mother.
I have consolational Consideration for
An animal or human
Born to the shores of life they never asked for.
Taught from the core
Close the door on the poor
Keep asking for more and more.
Letter number five is I, Inquire.
I Inquire about the fire and ice
Within the tired, the wired, the dire
Put it on a flier
I don’t care
Whatever it is
I still Inquire for my knowledge
To grow higher
Even futuristically
I still Inquire.
Everybody has a story.
Here’s mine:
Southwest Detroit ’til I was fourteen.
Picked on and bullied
Just for being me.
Awkward and shy
As well as mad and sad.
Unnecessary drama at home
To feel even more alone.
Experience and images of interracial harmony
Until I kissed a different race
But couldn’t do so comfortably.
Forced to look over my shoulder
For people I loved and hated
By hatred I thought was outdated.
Down south to Tennessee and Georgia.
At the time for me
Compared to the D
I wondered if blacks were really free.
But now I’m in the bean where I see
Bigotry is everywhere
You can possibly stare
But too many people don’t seem to care.
So now I’m older and developed a mind
Realizing I can’t go back in time
For justice mountains to climb
Not only with racism but sexism.
All my life experience and images of women
Who claim nice guys finish last.
That’s because they couldn’t see past
The bastard master of lying and conniving
Who wishes to cast them into a role of a hoe
With a week to week limb in a cast.
Is a toxicity in simplicity
That’s in enormity
And surpasses perplexity.
I see a society full of judgement
Whether it comes to
Superstitions of politicians
With oppositions to
Peaceful and loving compositions
Or individuals with animosity
Toward the generosity of those
From another mother
And even some from the same mother.
By the way
As I write this
Infinite innocence are having
Infinite innocence taken away
Just for the taking.
Every system, every country
Somehow corrupt and broken.
By no means am I a saint
But compared to the needy and greedy
In the towers of power
I feel like a token.
So I’m telling you
I have thoughts and wishes
Like a door revolving around peace and love.
A solution with no institution
Of a revolver to evolve to this conclusion.
I’m Listening
Not to be confused with gucci
Or mistaken for hoochie.
My name is L.U.C.C.I.