Live Strong

I look at my bracelet
one on my right wrist
to remind me of Jimmy and Nick, Jeremy and Amanda,
and to know that an afterlife exists, or at least hope it does,
one died of dope,
one died too soon,
and two fought cancer with golden gloves,
Not to forget my Aunt Sue,

but all these people that I lost

All of them above were truly loved.

And shined in my life if only for a short time, and that is why I wear this bracelet on my wrist

Even if I don’t know what living strong is,

I still keep on
From cradle to the crypt.

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  1. Kenneth Wright, my father, your grandfather died on St Patricks day 2006 from cancer. He got two opinions and knew death was also part of living. He took on cancer, neat, no frills, straight up and died as he lived, in dignity and with character.

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