Special thanks to Days n Daze

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The Set List

  1. Holographic Sands – All Day Dream
  2. Spoonboy – Paint By Numbers
  3. Dirtwire – Rollin’
  4. JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound – Rouse Yourself
  5. Days n Daze – Day Gaunts
  6. Shawn James and the Shapeshifters – Just Because
  7. Zeal and Ardor – Bellator Hali Rha
  8. Chinese Man – Stand!
  9. Ramshackle Glory – Of Ballots and Barricades
  10. Your Heart Breaks – Unbind These Roots


Greg von Teig is an independent musician. He released his first EP in May of 2015. His most recent collection is Prisoner of His Dreams, a Bruce Springsteen cover album. Dedicated to his craft, he tries to find and promote the finest music by other artists through Junkman Radio.