Whisper to me brethren
Listen up for a second
Everything is everything
The demon breathing
Trying to Extinguish the fire inside
My mind
And now
I’m alright
Rekindle that shit
All I can do
Is do
And let people do
What they do
And I will do too
But for one thing
I can rhyme better then you
I think deeply
About nothing really
But believe me
You will see me
Hanging from a cloud
My mind so loud
And you all
Know what’s it all
The sounds shout
And the sonic winds bend
And will you be my friend in the end
When we all do this thing
Called love and death
Will I be
The loneliest heartbeat
Dying never understanding what I meant?
And what my purpose
Once I thought it was to rise up
And now I know it’s to
show love
To my self
My circle
And let words burst through
They won’t hurt me no longer
Put the drinks down
For a second
The questions stopped
To exclamations!
Face lift was needed
So I shredded the weed head
And regained my independence
So now I am just caffeinated
And prescription educated
So I know what I do with my medication
And this no longer exists
No x on my wrist
Just want to chill for a bit
Not every day
Till the bottle tips
And tips back
Listening to the legends
Who rhyme behind the beat
While I write to the beat poetry on the
Wish I could
Be better then me
And you know what motherfucker


Jason Wright is the founder and Editor of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly.