Sunshine- Wind Storms
Man the Storm performs
Makes music from the windpipes
Cloak and daggered, sounding nice
Freestyling for a fraction of the price
Putting it down, but I aint doing it right
I’m sick like a patient,
Give me my medicine, Ritalin and Ativan

I begin to swim again, my mind calms down, and now I’m calm
But for how long?

So I kicked it, last night
Put the pad to the pencil
Took the mic, and what did I do with it?
Let all the people their know that I knew how to use it.

And we all began to groove, lose attitudes, and watched the mood lift
Like poetry is a gift and my mission is to unwrap it, so y’all can hear it.

Just come up to the stage, let the poets dance and play.
Lets get new. And the let the ice we walk on turn into granite,
where we all can stand on it
That little rhythm, these simple pen strokes,
Makes a rain storm turn into a rain shower, but if you let it,
It will get angry, when the negativity swells in,
For some aren’t ready, so when people come to the mic
Spitting rhymes like its their first time, I give em the chance,
To let their mind dance, let em touch the crowd, and make sounds from their mouths,

Let it out loud, that poetry ain’t dead. It’s not even buried
It’s a hybrid with jazz bands and one man standing on the mic
Like it’s his own island,

And you all got ship wrecked, your mind wrecked
I’m not even gonna say who’s best at this rhythm jungle gym
Hanging on bars, rising to grab another

To teach the world that color is a paint by number book,
And anyone can make theirs beautiful with magic markers
And a little bit of intellect gains respect,

Poetry, say it with me, like its our own anthem
Keeps us free, and moves the crowd,

And when we get angry— we write
And when we light it—we write it
And when we’re bored on the train
Let the lyrics remain on graffiti laced trains

Pieces of pain, but really who’s with me,
Put up the three
One for you
One for me
And three fingers for unity,

Man someone take this mic away from me.


Jason Wright is the founder and Editor of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly. He’s been doing this a while.