Pretty Sunshine World
lyrics by Man The Storm

When I look at myself I am not the same
We were strangers in the night, playing hunger games
And I walked around the house in chains
Said I guess its time to take me there again

Well take me to the hospital
And leave me there,
I will find my own way home

And take me to the emergency ward
I know it’s not your fault.

Well some people say that we are entertaining
Every idea that could be considered complaining
When I look around, I never really see

That no one is looking back at me

Its keys to a hotel room, well lock me in forever dear
Well, let me know where I am in your earth’s atmosphere
And I know your afraid, I know sunshine
Cant’ always stay the same
Sometimes you need to rely on faith,
But Faith left me a long time ago.

And everyone wants to know what’s wrong with you
And everyone wants to know when will the other shoe drop.
And this stops.
And when can I just stop talking?
When can my mind just stop walking, away from me, and everything I say to me
Could be seen,

as instruments of sun fed plants. Leaving me alone to dance
Around the sickness the force field I put up around my tired eyes
Burned in me like the thoughts I have to be better then my mom and dad

Maybe this time it will all work out,
Maybe this time it will all work out,

Sing to me you Freudian slip
You know you never meant nothing to me
Sing to me you Freudian slip
You know slip under the covers
With the butterflies and the eight foot angels
And standing by, with their ears entangled
In some tired lies, where we find the sorrow
And keep on till the day after tomorrow
When were looking for something to beg or borrow
Stealing sunshine is fine in moonlight
But when it can’t find a great divide
You are singing too many stupid sonnets
While people all try to be honest
Where I can find
A little close-up
Of myself in a
Pretty Sunshine World.


Jason Wright is the founder and Editor of Oddball Magazine. Man the Storm is his alter ego. His “Jagged Thoughts” column appears weekly.