My father-in-law sits on the dock
Of little Sebago
And I listen to the local sounds
On a small town radio.
My friends from Boston call me
Yet they can’t hear me
The sound of summer
Sounds like static to them
But sounds like Loons
And rippling tides
To me.

I feel the sand on my feet
Sticking to me.
I sit down at the table
And type up a piece
I have dropped two calls
Both were very important.
But the outside world
Will have to wait

I am vacationing on Sebago Lake.

The world really is only stars
and suns, and gleaming waves
The breeze, and the trees
Awake and sway
But I put my rhyming dictionary
Away today
And there’s no place I would rather stay
Then in Windham Maine
On Sebago Lake.

When I get back to Somerville,
A place I love
I will reside my search for work
And bring back my
But for now I am going
To listen to the birds
And watch the waves wake

I am vacationing on Sebago Lake.


Jason Wright is the founder and Editor of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly.