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Every time the train comes
I think jump
But I never do
Kill myself cause I’m not like you?
Kill myself so I can have a make shift funeral
Spitting and growling
Fuck you too
Maybe I am not
The dude with the confidence
The nonsense that sounds like respect
When really check ya head is long dead
And they want the Kings head
Cutting down with the wordplay
Obnoxious person
Giving the drag away
Rhymin on the mic
fuck what you say
Much love
I’m just the down trodden
And lame
Wearing out my welcome
On every mat I step on
Every mic I step to
I act bashful
But muthafucka
I can crush you
Rhyme circles around your cervix
Slick sect and a secret next to nothing
You want to know me
Step up and and say something
I’ll rhyme 360 degrees around you
Split you into ions
Put you back in pieces
And lyrical attack begins
Till my heart ceases and my lungs stop breathing
I’ll be emceeing
Don’t give a Fuck
Oddball army of one
And the name stuck
Only identity I have is in this disease
The world of three
And all the haters hating me
And all my worst enemies
Staring back at me while I brush my teeth
Listen to my words
The words of a zombie motherfucker stepping up
To buy that bread
Bread sucks
Give me breasts
Give me a pen to write my havoc
Down on a nice little note pad.
Destroyed myself better then you ever had
No dad
Dude is so far gone
Believing a spiritual wand
Will make me change my song
Like the world better relates to you
When your young and beautiful
When your old and your past tense
Then sense is dead
Before we ever met?
Been rhyming since you’ve been teething
Please give me a reason
Not to unleash the demons
There well seasoned
and perfected
Like some crochet
Some bullshit I applied to online today
This gin and tonic might make me vomit
But I don’t give a fuck
Send me your perfect sonnet
And I’ll be the first one to find flaws on it
Unless your last name is Oberst
Then your fucking perfect sonnet is the worst
Don’t give a shit
Your awful
Your mothers father your fathers daughter your brother your sister
Your fucking baby sitter
You suck
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Jason Wright is the founder and Editor of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly in Oddball Magazine.