On we March.
We march
to a
different tune.

We march
to see
what it’s like
on the moon.

To wear
moon boots
and party
’cause its 2022.

Made my life
a whole lot better.
Family is growing.
Got a tree now.

Got a seed now.
Got Obi now.
Got lots of laughs
to live out now.

Lot of reasons
to celebrate now.
Some first steps
to take place now.

Some first words.
What will they be?
Got to wait
and see.

Got a reason
to wake up now
more than ever

Never want
to lose it,
never wanted
it more.

I want it all,
and not for me.
It’s all for
someone else.

Don’t care about
myself that much.
Won’t let any harm
come to Emerson.

Depression isn’t gone,
but I don’t even
think about it
that much.

If you asked me
last year,
life surely

Now I want
to do more
than ever before,
and that’s all good.

It’s all good.
And on we March
to the beat
of a different drummer.


Jason Wright is the editor and founder of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly. His third book, Train of Thought 2: Almost Home is available now at the Oddball Book Store.