Perseverant with spirit, so I can never miss it.
Powerful, so I can make a difference with my linguistics.
Intelligent, so I can move you, and shape the future.
Confident, and Concise, Supreme, and Superior.
Making moves in water, and swimming with the sharks.
Swimming fast, ahead of the curve, so I never miss my mark.
Fearless, strong, and ridiculous on the mic.
World traveled warrior who finishes what he starts.
Charming, charismatic and strong willed.
Quick with the quill, ink and drill it in, that strengthens my
Finesse with no question, making suggestions, blessed with
Real above all else, make you pay attention.
Strong as an ox and knowing my worth.
Keeping on calm with the knowledge from birth.
Knowing what I got, and moving past the critics.
Moving over haters and distinguishing id from idiots.
Knowing my consciousness, mindful with the meditation.
Keeping it moving, not stressing anything.

These are the ways I would like to be,
If I had my way way, that’s how it would be.
So, by the grace of God and gravity,
I’ll get through this doubt even if it kills me completely.
I am going to surface to the water, like bends, and rise up.
Never going to give up, because that’s not in my blood.
Going to do it despite you, and do it because.
Cause a weak support system will never support a foundation.
So, I will keep going ’till I reach my destination, find my tribe
in Maui, Hawaii, when I am on vacation,
Lose them, find them again in self-seeking meditation.

The strong willed never back down,
even if doubt catches them up in its mitts.
I find strength in my writtens, and keep going but end it with
You can not break me, stop me topple me down.
I am stronger then I have ever been,
my illness worn down to a rubber bullet.
This is my life, and this is how I choose to live it.
Strong willed, survivor.
Be with it or against it.
But never silence my sounds, or the sounds from my mouth,
No, you can never shoot my plane down,
’cause I’m the driver
and my own Pilot.


Jason Wright is the editor and founder of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly. His latest book is Train of Thought.