From the upcoming Train of Thought 2: Almost Home

I’m going to keep writing till you learn the lesson
that I’m teaching.

Poetry to me, is a life source–
an ocean–
a heart beating.
And peace is pain,
and we all feel

That’s why dudes like you write and rhyme, because
we sing and climb up hill.
I’ll keep writing this like it’s my will.
I’ll give it to you.

All I got.
I got a bunch of notebooks.
And a lighter to burn ‘em in my plot.
Bury me with these pages
Cause it represents the three stages,
Born breathing, live with reason.
And when you cease to be,

The last words out of a poet’s mouth
should be poetry.

I’m not going gentle into that good night, Dylan Thomas,
Flip it Bob Dylan, Knocking on Heavens Door, Annabel Lee, Edgar Allen Poe
Keats Ode to a Grecian Urn

And every word of Bukowski
Rollins’ anger and Leonard’s Truth
These are the poets I strive to be.

Never been published, cause I’m missing something…maybe when I die, they’ll see me.
Let my words rotate the world.

Let my mind feel peace.
Put me in the urn, and let me learn.
That sometimes, it’s time to shut up.

Let the release of love (release), stand up and be counted. (Peace)
And pound the pavement (streets)
Never stop and never give up.

Now let me pass the mic to you, see what you can do…


Jason Wright is the editor and founder of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly. His latest book is Train of Thought.