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Jack and Dianne, ones in a band, the other a fan.
Go to a hotel out late one night, and only one makes it out alive.
So we met Jack, and Dianne and both have pasts.
So let’s let the story begin again.

This is one person’s account of how the night played out.

County Case 48
The Devil and the Angel Face

All Rise!
You may be seated.
Counsel you may call your First Witness.

Your Honor, I would like to call Mr. Gregory Stanton to the stand.

(Mr. Stanton swears in, the testimony begins.)

The night in question, was a raucous party wouldn’t you say?



Fine, I’ll reframe.
Can you take me back to the night, and can you state your name and occupation for the court?

My. Name is Greg Stanton, custodian at The Last Resort.

And Mr. Stanton, where were you the night of Friday, June 26th?

Yes, I was at the Last Resort, on the 26th.

And can you tell me what happened on that Friday, the 26th of June.

Yes, sir, I was cleaning up the bathrooms.
And while I was cleaning a clogged toilet, I could hear laughing, and music playing, but it was Friday night so, you know I just ignore it.

And where was the music coming from?

Well it had to be coming from the second floor.
Sounded like a riot.

Go on…

Yeah, there was crashing, and music, and laughter, and it sounded like everyone was having a good time.

And about what time was that?
Couldn’t be sure, had to be at least 9 Maybe 10.:30? I start my job at 8:30, and I had only had I say two or three rooms cleaned. Some of them were real dirty.
So you are certain. you heard a lot of voices, and what seemed like a party.
Yeah, you know, like a real wild party. Something loud, I wish I was having that much fun.
Instead of cleaning the rooms, after the parties done.


And Mr. Stanton, can you tell me what happened to break up the party?



Mr. Stanton, can you tell me what you can remember next?
Well first, sounded like some yelling and laughing, and then sounded like some… intercourse.
Mr. Stanton, So you heard…sex.

Yes, Sir, there seemed to be something going on, bed knocking back and forth, laughing, hollering, screaming, and then silence. Just silence. Like a long silence.
And then it was quiet, real quiet.
Didn’t think nothing much of it, I mean I know I get quiet afterwards too.

OK, Mr. Stanton. Thank you for that…
Now, Mr. Stanton, you say that there was a long silence, how long would you say that lasted?

Well, had to be about midnight when I heard some commotion starting up again.
And there was some more noise, and. finally screaming. Like someone had unleashed a demon! There was yelling, and screaming, and then.

Yes, Mr. Stanton, what happened next.

Well, it was quiet. Real quiet. And then…nothing.
Just complete and utter silence.
I had no idea, what had placed, that poor person, such a horrific act of violence.

Nothing more, your honor.

Thank you, Mr. Stanton, you can step down.

So the custodian, at the Last Resort, heard a loud commotion per his report. But what really happened? Who did who? Was it Jack, or Dianne? Was it the Devil, or the Angel Face? Was it Mr. Stanton? Or was it someone else? And what happened the rest of the night? What did the police see when they arrived at the scene?

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