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Dianne was born a wanderer,
With a traveling family.
An Army brat, a wanderer
Going from place to place.
This Angel face was a wanderer.

She had two brothers, both wanderers
A smart girl from Wisconsin, a wanderer.
Her dad moved, and she would too, a wanderer.
And where she moved was always new.

Her mom died of cancer when Dianne was in school, a wanderer.
Her siblings got in trouble with some bad news too, so they had to move, a wanderer
From place, to place she couldn’t stay, a wanderer
No one wanted her family in the town, all wanderers
The Police got involved when her brothers were around, all wanderers.
And all Dianne tried to do was finish school in one place, a wanderer.
It was impossible, in an environment so hostile, a wanderer.

Dianne had something happen to her after Wisconsin.
It was something awful, it should have never happened.
She was the victim, a wanderer.
She watched from the ground, a wanderer.
She slowly got up, bruised and broken, a wanderer.
Left for dead, with a gash in her head, a wanderer.
She was knocked out cold a wanderer,
Her gold on her chest was stolen, a wanderer.
A victim in an alley, a wanderer.
They never found the one who raped her, a wanderer.
But she would always remember his face, and what he said.
Move one inch, Angel Face, and your dead.

And, Dianne got up, a wanderer.
With her dress torn up, a wanderer.
She left that city, and never looked back, a wanderer.
And never would be the same again, a wanderer.

And soon she would meet Jack, the musician,
And she would see that he reminded her of someone from her past, a wanderer.
And his songs one day spoke to her.
And soon after that, there would be a murder.

And who pulled the trigger, the Devil or the Angel Face, or was it someone
Else in that horrid place.
And what was the reason, the angel or demon?
We will found out more, as the story unfolds, the one that I am telling you.
That has never been told.

Part 5 in two weeks, in Oddball Magazine.


Jason Wright is the editor and founder of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly.